Evcome cable: new energy vehicle charging pile occupying space, smart parking lock or worry-free

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

There are more and more new energy vehicles, not only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, but also many third- and fourth-tier cities can also see new energy vehicle charging piles. It is also often occupied, which is very troublesome for charging pile operators, but in fact a suitable smart parking lock can easily solve this problem. evcome cable In response to the problem of fuel vehicles occupying new energy charging piles, a company has launched a high-tech product——Smart parking locks, installing smart parking locks on charging parking spaces can effectively help operators solve this problem, improve the charging experience of car owners and the utilization rate of charging piles. The solution is to install license plate recognition cameras on charging piles and smart parking locks on charging parking spaces. When a vehicle comes in from a distance, when the camera recognizes it as a new energy vehicle, it will automatically lower the parking lock to provide convenient charging services for new energy vehicles. If it is not a new energy vehicle, the parking lock will not go down and lock the parking space. The evcome cable parking lock has a dustproof and waterproof rating of up to IP67. It is equipped with a high-precision position sensor to prevent vehicle chassis wear and tear. The vehicle detector has high accuracy and 4G gateway communication. It can deploy parking systems and can also access customer cloud platforms. The smart parking lock can be seamlessly connected with the charging platform and the unattended parking lot platform to realize real-time detection of the status of the parking space, accurately judge the status of the charging parking space, and effectively improve the efficiency of single pile use; it can realize functions such as reducing charging and overtime charging. It can be seen from the evcome cable that the new generation of smart parking locks is a new product that meets the management needs of charging pile occupancy for new energy vehicles. It has the characteristics of complete functions, intelligence and high efficiency. The key is to effectively solve the pain points of frequent occupancy of new energy vehicle charging piles, improve the charging experience of car owners and the utilization rate of charging piles. I believe that in a short time, smart parking locks will become a supporting product for new energy vehicle charging piles, otherwise the charging piles will be in vain, and no amount of charging piles can solve the problem of difficult charging of new energy vehicles. .


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