Electric vehicle charging pile manufacturers installation problems and scanning code charging process-evcome


With environmental protection and green becoming a development trend, new energy vehicles have become a hot topic. The topic of everyone's discussion has shifted from the previous experience of using the vehicle itself, such as the mileage of electric vehicles, to the charging piles of the facilities of the supporting charging pile manufacturers. 1,“Does the installation of charging piles need to be coordinated by multiple parties?”. The charging pile does not think that it is enough to drill a few holes in the ground to fix the charging pile, and then pull a wire. In fact, the workload of charging pile manufacturer coordination is quite large. There are mainly four departments, users themselves, automobile companies, The power company and the property owner directly apply to the store company in your city, and then the new energy charging pile manufacturer transfers it to the power supply bureau, and then a technical engineer will visit the site and provide a construction plan. If you are installing in a community, The consent of the developer is also required. 2,“Will 380 volts cause an electric shock to the charging pile manufacturer?”. Because the charging voltage of the charging pile is 380 volts and the current is 36 amperes, it is higher than the voltage and current of residential electricity, so it needs coordination between the property management company and the fire department, because many friends of car charging pile manufacturers have only heard of electric vehicles. It doesn't really understand, and the cables connected to the charging pile are routed at high altitudes, so safety instructions issued by the fire department are required. Electricity charges are calculated according to the commercial electricity consumption of car charging piles. In our community, the calculation is based on an average of 1.26 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity. However, some community electricity meters can automatically calculate which time the electricity price is cheap and automatically adjust the charging time, which will save pure electric vehicle charging piles. money. In response to the national call for environmental protection and energy conservation, more and more people choose to buy electric vehicles, which are fuel-efficient and convenient. Because electric vehicles use electric energy, charging has become a difficult problem for electric vehicles. The charging process can usually be divided into pre-charging, fast charging, supplementary charging and trickle charging. 1. Pre-charging: When charging a long-term unused or new electric charging pile OEM battery, it will affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, this kind of battery should be charged with a small current to meet certain charging conditions. This stage is called pre-charging . 2. Fast charging: The fast charging of the electric vehicle charging pile by scanning the customized code of the charging pile is to charge with a large current to quickly restore the battery power. The fast charging rate is generally above 1C. The fast charging time is determined by the battery capacity and charging rate. Pile ODM can be divided into constant current charging and pulse charging. Constant current charging is to use a constant current charging current. Pulse charging is to use pulse current to charge the battery first, then discharge the battery, and so on. 3. Supplementary charge: When using some fast charging methods, the battery is not fully charged after the fast charging is terminated. In order to ensure 100% charging, a supplementary charging process should be added. The supplementary charging rate generally does not exceed 0.3C. Charging pile OEM.


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