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Dongguan charging pile manufacturer evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. is a one-stop Dongguan charging pile manufacturer integrating charging pile research and development/design/production/sales/installation/service, providing customers with professional and comprehensive charging equipment and charging operation station construction integrated solutions , the main products are AC and DC charging piles, wall-mounted AC charging piles, integrated fast charging charging piles, DC charging piles, fast charging piles, wall-mounted slow charging piles, etc. So, how does Dongguan apply for the installation of new energy vehicle charging piles? The application process is as follows: 1. The first condition is the consent of the property and cooperation with the consent of the property of the community. The property owner agrees, and also expresses that the property owner is willing to cooperate and provide some necessary cooperation for the installation, such as opening the door of the power distribution room, some pipeline door locks, etc. It is necessary to issue a proof document stamped by the property of the community, which is now opened in general communities. Of course, all newly built communities after 2018 have the conditions to install charging piles, so there is no need to go through the step of consenting to the property of the community, and just go directly to the next step. In addition, Electric Consulting State Grid can understand that the installation of charging piles can use property electricity, or you can apply directly to the power supply station. Of course, the property electricity fee is relatively higher, which can reach 1.2 per kilowatt-hour, and there may be tiered electricity prices; If you apply at the power supply station, the price is the same as that of household electricity, so it is recommended to apply directly, and the cost gap is relatively large. 2. With the property documents, after applying for property approval at the power supply station where the community is located, apply to the power supply station with the parking space certificate (parking space real estate certificate), owner ID card, and property consent certificate, and fill in“Application Form for Charging and Swapping Facilities”“Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Power Supply Agreement”, You also need to apply for an account online for payment. 3. The power supply station arranges on-site survey After the power supply station accepts the application, it will take about 1-3 working days to arrange on-site survey, agree to install if the conditions are met, and install an independent charging pile meter for independent billing. 4. After the installation of charging piles is approved by the power supply station, the business can cooperate with the property to carry out installation and construction. It takes about half a day to one day. After the installation is completed, you can pay for use.


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