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Domestic new energy charging pile manufacturer Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, installation, service and operation of new energy charging piles. by“AC and DC charging piles for new energy vehicles”As the core product, it is committed to building a leading professional new energy comprehensive enterprise in China. To provide you with a wealth of new energy charging pile information, including: new energy charging pile price, new energy charging pile product introduction, new energy charging pile pictures and other detailed information. Charging piles, as the social infrastructure that guarantees the promotion policy of new energy vehicles, have also received wide attention for their safety protection measures. In the early stage of the construction of new energy-related facilities, many charging piles and electric vehicles failed or even had accidents, which made the public full of doubts and worries about new energy rail transit. Charging piles and other infrastructure are needed to prove the safety and reliability of their construction with actual cases. 1. Outdoor moisture-proof and lightning-proof measures for charging piles: The standard protection level for outdoor installation of charging piles reaches IP54, the outer skin is designed to be dust-proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof and corrosion-proof, with a high insulation level, and the input and output are insulated from the ground up to 10MΩ. Charging piles require formal installation methods, normal use, and protective measures to avoid leakage and fire. 2. Leakage prevention measures for charging piles: DC charging piles for electric vehicles have a high withstand voltage level, and the input and output are grounded at AC2000V for 1 minute without breakdown, and the life of the charging gun connector is greater than 10,000 times. During the installation process of the charging pile, it is necessary to estimate the rationality of the wiring up and down the area to ensure that the circuit is smooth and the current does not exceed the capacitive load. If the circuit installation is unreasonable and the wires are not limited enough, the current overload may cause the cable to heat up. 3. After-sales protection measures for charging piles: charging piles include distribution boxes, air switches, charging equipment terminals and cables, etc. Generally, manufacturers or builders sign a one-year warranty contract. There is a lead wire in the charging pile, which can affect the life of the charging pile. The charging pile can last for 5 to 8 years, and the life of the lead wire is slightly longer than that of the charging pile. The warranty period is only the time of free service, not the time of quality assurance. The quality assurance is to ensure the safety of use within the life cycle.


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