Do not use this kind of wire and cable!

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

The operation of power cables is one of the important links in our daily life, work and production. There are also many uncontrollable factors. The quality of power cables directly affects the operation safety of the line, affecting the safety of people's lives and property. Once the line is not safe Stable operation, the life and economic loss caused by its failure is unpredictable. The following small series will analyze which wires and cables are not recommended for you. 1. Lower than the market price. Wires and cables are different from other common products. After all, the quality of these products is related to the safety of life and property. Therefore, in the face of prices below the market price, it is best not to buy at a low price. As the saying goes, a price is a commodity. The quality, workmanship and materials of a product are often directly reflected in the price! If there is a problem after use, it will waste more money to tear down the wall and replace it. Much more expensive to reinstall than to buy wire. 2. Non-branded products In addition to the above-mentioned not buying products below the market price, we should also resolutely reject these three products. Try to buy branded and guaranteed wires, so that the problem can also be taken care of by the relevant manufacturer. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to two points when choosing products: ①The products are fake and shoddy. When purchasing wire and cable products, you should choose an authorized store for purchase. Those with licensed brands can basically be seen in stores. Second, we should learn in advance how to simply distinguish product quality from authenticity. We can't say that it is 100% effective, but at least we can have a general understanding during the buying process so that we are not easily deceived. Plus, you can also buy through the brand's online channels, so there's basically no authenticity issue with what you're buying. ②Imported products. However, with the continuous development of the domestic economy, there has been a qualitative leap in science and technology and technological level. Many products are no worse than foreign ones, or even better. However, some sellers in the market still sell low-quality so-called imported products to customers at high prices, and the quality of these products may not be half the quality of domestic products. At present, the research and development and production level of domestic wire and cable enterprises have been greatly improved. The product standard remains high and the product quality is very adequate for general use. 3. The wire copper wire is too thin. If the copper wire is too thin, the conductivity will not be very good first, the load is small, the resistance is large, and when the current is large, it is easy to heat up, burn the wire sheath, cause a short circuit, etc., and cause a fire in serious cases. Therefore, when choosing wires, we should look for regular manufacturers, check the quality, do not buy some unqualified wires because the price is cheap, and try to choose copper cores. .


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