DC car charging pile technical indicators and charging standards at different times-evcome


The reason why there is a difference between DC charging piles and AC charging piles is that DC car charging piles have more advantages when charging cars. It is shorter than the AC, and the DC charging pile can directly charge the car, but the AC charging pile needs an intermediary device. Technical indicators/functions Introduction of charging pile manufacturers ranking: detailed specifications product model SF-DCQC02-120KW electrical indicators input voltage 380Vac±15% input current 0~92A Appearance and structure Use scenarios suitable for new energy charging pile manufacturers Used in bus stations, logistics and rental stations, commercial real estate, highways, etc., in various fast charging scenarios. Output voltage DC200~750V Rated current 160A shell charging pile manufacturer material galvanized plate steady current accuracy≤±0.5% steady flow accuracy≤±1.0% Equipment size 1650*700*600 (MM) rated power 120KW efficiency≥94% installation method of car charging pile manufacturers floor-mounted installation frequency range 50±1Hz current sharing and KW balance≤±3.0% incoming wires in the wiring mode. Downstream current harmonics (THDI)≤4% charging is connected to 2 car charging piles (meeting GB/T20234.3-2015) cable length 5 meters Environmental indicators suitable for outdoor/indoor functional characteristics Safety indicators Short circuit, over-undervoltage, over-current, leakage Pure electric vehicles Charging pile electricity, over temperature, lightning protection, etc. Working temperature -20°C~+50°C Protection measures Anti-moisture, anti-mold, anti-salt spray, dust-proof, waterproof, sun-proof, and wind-proof. Charging is a supplement to the vehicle energy charging pile solution, but for the charging pile, the price is different at different time periods. According to the cost of the existing charging pile, there are currently two aspects, one is the electricity fee, One is the charging pile OEM service fee. As for electricity charges, the current electricity charges are different in different time periods. The electricity charges for charging piles are calculated according to the time period according to the industrial electricity price of the power supply bureau. At present, it is mainly divided into charging pile customization. Three yuan, one is the trough, one is the flat section, and the last one is the peak. The prices for the three time periods are also different. From the perspective of electricity charges, the peak period is the highest. The second is the charging service fee (the current market average price is 0.6 to 0.8 yuan/kWh for a small car, 1 yuan to 1.2 yuan/kwh for a large car), which means that a small electric car is fully charged. The cost of electricity, calculated according to the battery power of 40KW, is about 24-32 yuan. You must know that there is still a lot of room for adjustment when charging the battery at a charging cost of 0.7 yuan/kwh. The charging pile OEM.


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