Construction of car charging piles requires common faults in the process-evcome


The construction requirements of automobile charging piles, as electric vehicle charging piles (bolts) on the power distribution side of the power grid, the particularity of its structure determines that the characteristics of the automatic communication system are that there are many points to be measured and scattered charging pile manufacturers, wide coverage, communication The interval is short, so what are the requirements for building a car charging pile? 1. The reliability of communication——The communication system must withstand the test of harsh environments and stronger electromagnetic interference or noise interference than charging pile manufacturers for a long time, and maintain smooth communication. 2. Establishment fee——On the premise of satisfying the reliability, comprehensively consider the construction cost and the cost of long-term operation and maintenance. 3. Two-way communication——Not only can upload the amount of information, but also release the amount of control. 4. Multi-service data transmission rate——With the continuous increase of terminal business volume in the future, the communication between the main station and the sub-station, and the sub-station to the terminal requires higher and higher data transmission rates to complete multiple services. 5. The sensitivity and scalability of communication car charging pile manufacturers——Since the charging pile (bolt) has many control points, wide area and scattered characteristics, it is requested to adopt a standardized communication protocol.“ALLIP”With the development of network car charging pile network technology trends and the continuous growth of power outage business, it is necessary to consider IP-based business bearer, and at the same time, it is required to facilitate installation and construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Pure electric vehicle charging pile. What are the common faults in the process of using electric charging piles? 1. The electric vehicle charging pile cannot be charged. Confirm that the number of the button you press is consistent with the number of the corresponding socket, check whether there is a wrong connection, whether the connection line of the main board is reversed, check whether there is any problem with the user's own charger, check the line, public zero line or single Whether the road control line is loose, the charging pile is OEM. 2. There is no voltage when the electric vehicle is plugged into the charging station. First check whether the plug of the charging cable is in poor contact or disconnected. If there is no ..meter measurement, you can replace it with a new one, or you can swap the charging pile left and right to customize the charging cable to find out the fault, and then check whether the output fuse of the main board is disconnected. , if some motherboards do not use output fuses, this operation is unnecessary. 3. The ODM cable connecting the charging station to the charging pile is disconnected. The connection line connected to the battery may be disconnected, and the local contact is poor. Generally, it is easy to break at the plug or branch port. You can change the plug again, or try the machine again with the whole line. The main board is a problem. Please check the main board Check whether the terminal is tightened, check whether the fuse is loose, tighten or replace a fuse, and try the machine again. If all the above have been replaced or not, the charging pile OEM.


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