Considerations in the construction of car charging piles How to charge the battery car correctly-evcome


What factors need to be considered in the construction of car charging piles? More and more people are beginning to choose new energy charging cars. However, after many people buy cars, they worry about charging problems every day. . Hidden danger. The construction of charging infrastructure is a systematic project, not a simple problem of charging piles. We can see that the lack of understanding of charging infrastructure in the past few years by charging pile manufacturers has led to our lack of understanding of charging infrastructure construction. It follows this process , the public charging pile will be explained below, please remember that charging the new energy charging pile manufacturer for more than 12 hours will seriously damage the battery and affect its performance. The charging of electric vehicles can be realized through ground charging piles or car charging piles. It is to effectively stop the power supply of electric vehicles. In addition, the AC charging pile (plug) also has the function of leakage at the output end. Although the charging station is not monitored by personnel due to its own function, it is necessary for the car charging pile manufacturer to arrange daily inspections to confirm whether there is equipment failure at the charging station. The battery will discharge while charging, which can cause a lot of damage to the battery and should be prevented. Charging piles can be divided into car charging piles as DC charging piles, AC charging piles and AC/DC integrated charging piles. Ground charging piles are divided into four pure electric vehicle charging according to functions: power distribution system, charging system, battery dispatching system and charging station. Stake system modules and equipment should be inspected regularly, and routine maintenance should be done well to provide stable and lasting services for community users. How to charge the battery car correctly. 1. The battery car is not suitable for the charging pile solution to be used for a long time in the power-off state (battery voltage drops to 20%), and it should be charged in time after use. In the state of power shortage, the battery is easy to sulfate, and it is easy to block the ion channel. work, resulting in insufficient charging, slow charging, and reduced battery capacity. The longer the battery is idle in the power-off state, the more serious the battery damage will be, until it is scrapped. 2. The correct custom charging time for charging piles is 6-8 hours. After the green light is on, it floats for 1-2 hours and then cuts off the power. The chargers currently used cannot completely cut off the power after being fully charged, which often leads to overcharging of the battery. Charging pile ODM. Therefore, the Dingding charging pile provides functions such as full power cut, current detection, and remote monitoring. You can directly see the charging power on the mobile phone, and you can also manually stop charging on the mobile phone. It not only protects your car, but also saves energy and protects the environment. 3. Try not to use fast charging, which will easily cause the battery temperature to be too high, and even reach the boiling point of the battery electrolyte, which will affect the service life. The charging pile OEM.


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