Consider how to distinguish different types when constructing online car-hailing charging piles-evcome


The construction of charging infrastructure is a systematic project, not a simple problem of charging piles for online car-hailing. We can see that the lack of understanding of charging infrastructure in the past few years has led to our current lack of understanding of the construction of charging pile manufacturers for charging infrastructure . Please remember that the charging time should not exceed 12 hours. Long-term charging will seriously damage the battery and affect battery performance. Online car-hailing charging can be done through online car-hailing charging piles. In addition, the AC charging pile (bolt) should also have the function of output leakage. Although car-hailing charging piles are not monitored by human personnel due to their own functions, daily safety inspections still need to be arranged to confirm whether there are equipment faults in the charging station, and the battery has been charged and discharged, which may seriously damage the battery. , should be prevented. Online car-hailing charging piles can be divided into charging pile manufacturers DC fast charging charging piles, AC charging piles and AC-DC integrated charging piles, which are divided into four subsystem modules according to their functions: power distribution system, charging system, battery dispatching system and The charging station should check the equipment regularly. Car charging pile manufacturers do a good job in daily maintenance and provide stable and lasting services to community users. Friends who own electric vehicles should know that after charging electric vehicles for a period of time in summer, the wires will become very Soft, the safety of charging piles for charging cars in summer is very worthy of everyone's attention. In recent years, with the promotion of community charging stations, many communities have been unified. As the number of electric vehicles continues to increase, charging piles are a must-have for charging electric vehicles. In recent years, the construction speed has continued to increase, and the utilization rate has also greatly improved. More electric vehicles mean more scenarios According to different scenarios and needs, different types of charging piles have been derived. Charging pile solution. From the perspective of charging pile installation, it can be divided into wall-mounted charging piles and vertical charging piles. Wall-mounted charging piles need to be fixed on the wall and are suitable for use in private parking spaces such as underground parking lots. They save space and are convenient for charging charging piles. OEM, vertical charging piles are mostly used for public charging piles, suitable for outdoor parking spaces and charging stations. As we all know, it is mainly divided into public charging piles, special charging piles and household electric vehicle charging piles. The charging piles are customized. Public charging piles are built by government agencies or charging service providers and are open to all electric vehicles in the community. Private charging Most of the piles are self-built by enterprises and serve internal employees or company parking lots, such as shopping malls. Private charging piles ODM charging piles are installed in personal areas and are not open for personal use only. It can also be divided into indoor charging piles and outdoor charging piles. According to international practice, it is determined according to the dustproof and waterproof ability, that is, the IP value. Since outdoor charging piles should have good lightning protection, insulation and other capabilities, the protection level can only be qualified if it reaches IP54 or above. , The indoor charging pile does not need to face the extreme external environment, and the relative safety hazard is relatively small, so the protection level only needs to meet IP32 or above, and the charging pile is OEM.


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