Common problems of electric vehicle charging pile components and column type-evcome


Electric vehicle charging piles are an indispensable boost to promote electric vehicles into the market. In the process of promoting and building charging piles, we need to understand the basic structure of charging piles, and continue to develop the application of charging piles on the basis of understanding Features and convenience measures. 1. When the power storage battery and the charger are not connected to the power battery assembly, the charger will automatically initialize to the conventional control charging mode after self-inspection (manual, IC card or charger monitoring system operation mode can be selected) , when the charger is operated by a manual new energy charging pile manufacturer, it should have clear operation guidance information. After the charger is connected to the power battery assembly, the charging information of the power battery assembly will be obtained through communication, and it will be automatically initialized by the charging pile manufacturer. It is the automatic control method of the ECU of the power battery assembly (referred to as the automatic control charging method). 2. The charger interface, the connection between the charger and the electric vehicle charging pile manufacturer should include the following parts: high-voltage charging line, charging control guide line, charging control power line, charging monitoring communication connection line, grounding protection line, At the same time, the car charging pile charger should reserve a communication interface connected with the charging station monitoring system. Relevant technical parameters of the power battery monomer, module and assembly, battery status during charging, pure electric vehicle charging pile status parameters, charger working status parameters, basic vehicle information, etc. Why is the post-type car charging pile plug so complicated. Ordinary plugs are also divided into various double-hole charging pile solutions, three-hole, standard, American standard, European standard, etc., not to mention complex equipment such as charging piles, whether it is a fast pile or a slow pile, the charging plug of the charging pile They all contain a lot of OEM contacts of electric charging piles. Generally speaking, only a few large contacts in the middle are used to transmit electric energy, and the surrounding small contacts are mainly used to provide communication between charging piles and electric vehicles. Plugging in the custom source of the electric charging pile will not allow charging, and the column-type car charging pile will also be incompatible. Charging electric vehicles is different from charging mobile phones. Small electronic devices such as mobile phones can be charged as long as the interface charging pile ODM is paired, but the charging piles of electric vehicles are very proud and have their own temper. They can only charge by looking at the right eyes. An electric vehicle is a high-voltage, high-current, and large-capacity electrical device. Its charging control is a very complicated process. The charging pile and the vehicle must complete a compatible agreement before charging. Otherwise, improper charging control may cause danger. Charging pile OEM.


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