Charging pile construction plan


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The charging pile construction plan is provided by Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd., one-stop charging pile research and development, design, production, sales, installation, service and operation, integrated charging pile construction solutions, electric bicycle charging piles, charging and swapping cabinets , AC charging piles, DC charging piles, DC low voltage charging piles, DC split charging piles, DC integrated piles, AC and DC integrated piles and many other charging piles to choose from. Charging pile refers to a power supply device that is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid to provide AC power for the power battery of the electric vehicle, such as the electric vehicle charging terminal installed in the parking lot of the residential area and the social parking lot. At this stage, charging facilities mainly operate in V0G mode, which is“Low-carbon transportation, green travel”It is planned to build a basic platform to promote the use and promotion of new energy vehicles, so as to reduce the dependence of the automobile industry on oil and reduce the proportion of fossil energy consumption. The main service objects of charging piles are official vehicles, social and family vehicles, so the places (places) where vehicles can be parked can be considered for distribution: 1. Large parking lots, residential quarters, shopping malls, hospitals, transfer stations, airports, docks , parks, and scenic spots can be considered for distribution. 2. Charging piles for electric official vehicles are set up in the parking lot of the office of the government department (according to 1:1 setting). 3. The parking lot of the residential area ensures that there is one electric vehicle in the community. 4. Charging piles in social public parking lots can be configured according to the percentage of parking spaces (such as 30%), and exclusive parking spaces for electric vehicles can be allocated to build charging piles; considering the problem of construction funds, 5% should be arranged in advance as the basic configuration; considering the social The public parking lot has concentrated vehicles and a large amount of traffic, and it can be configured according to 10% of the parking spaces in the parking lot in the early stage. The guiding ideology of the charging pile construction plan thoroughly implements the national energy strategy, actively implements energy conservation and emission reduction policies, closely revolves around the national "Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan" and the national work requirements for pilot cities for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and comprehensively considers economic society According to the level of development and the development trend of new energy vehicles, promote the construction of charging piles, provide service support for the development and commercial operation of the new energy vehicle industry, and promote the development of low-carbon economy and circular economy.


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