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Car charging pile manufacturer Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. The car charging pile products can be used for fixed car charging pile charging and outdoor emergency mobile charging. It can be compatible with most pure electric vehicles and adapt to charging of electric vehicles of different models and powers. . Provide comprehensive car charging pile wholesale supply, car charging pile manufacturer information, as well as car charging pile prices and online negotiation opportunities, and more car charging pile quotations are available in Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. The car charging pile can realize IC card management, liquid crystal display, charging billing, charging management, remote communication and other functions, and transmit the operating data (including billing information) to the server background. Through the background master station, the administrator can monitor the charging pile in real time The operation of the system provides a guarantee for the good operation of the system. The input voltage of the fast car charging pile is 380VAC, and the power is above 20KW. Commonly used are 20kw/30kw/40kw/60kw/80kw/90kw/120kw/150kw/160kw/180kw/200kw/240kw, etc. How to choose a car charging pile? 1. The production process of automobile charging piles includes the raw materials or parts used in the production process of automobile charging piles and the foundation of assembly inspection technology, etc. A good production process of automobile charging piles can promote the stability of automobile charging piles during use. 2. The charging speed of the car charging pile can shorten the time for customers to wait for charging and improve the user's charging experience without delay. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the products of car charging pile manufacturers with advanced intelligent technology, high safety and fast charging speed. 3. The warranty period of the car charging pile. Conventional car charging pile manufacturers have a certain warranty period for charging pile products, so users should pay attention to the length of the charging pile warranty period provided by car charging pile manufacturers when choosing. It is directly related to the safety of users after installation and use and the implementation of professional maintenance measures. 4. Whether the types of car charging piles are complete. For example, according to different installation methods, it can be divided into wall-mounted or floor-mounted car charging piles; according to different installation locations and usage occasions, it can be divided into bus charging piles and special car charging piles. In fact, as long as it is a regular car charging pile manufacturer with experience in power equipment production, you can safely use car charging piles that meet national standards, but you must first understand that this is necessary.


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