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The car charging pile installation company evcome New Energy has 10 years of experience in car charging pile installation and production, 30,000 square meters of car charging pile production base, integration of car charging pile production, installation, and operation, national patent technology, hundreds of AC and DC car charging pile products, Baicheng after-sales technical service outlets. The installation of car charging piles requires a proof of car purchase, an ID card, a property right certificate, and then an application from the power supply bureau. Application process for the installation of car charging piles: When signing a vehicle sales contract with users, car companies should be responsible for fixing parking spaces for users in their own residential quarters (or fixed parking spaces with the right to use for one year or more, the same below) or in offices Install self-use charging piles. Step 1: First fill in the application registration form and confirm with the property or community. Car owners (users) must fill in the "Registration Form for Application for the Installation of Self-use Charging Pile for New Energy Electric Vehicles". When installing self-use charging piles in a residential area, it is necessary to report to the professional property service company in the community to confirm the use of parking spaces; for residential areas that do not implement professional property management, the street or the community neighborhood committee entrusted by it shall confirm. When the user chooses to install a self-use charging pile in the office, the user's unit or its property service company will confirm the usage of the parking space on the registration form. Car owners (users) who really cannot install fixed parking spaces for self-use charging piles, but still have the desire to purchase a car, should issue a letter of commitment to the car company, promising to solve the problems of the purchased electric vehicles by themselves on charging facilities in other places such as public or shared charging piles. charging needs. Step 2: Apply to the power supply department for installation. The user submits a registration form, identity certificate (ID card or unit organization code certificate), environmental photos of the parking space, and parking space certification materials to the power supply department in the region to apply for installation. The power supply department, together with the applicant users and the construction subject, will go to the site to conduct electricity consumption and construction feasibility surveys and determine the construction plan. The power supply department shall issue a reply to the power consumption plan within 7 working days and stamp the registration form. Step 3: After the construction and power supply department agrees to apply for installation, the construction subject should start installing the charging pile for the user within 7 working days, and then it can be used.


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