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Bus charging piles are generally DC charging piles, and their power is at least 60kw, such as 90kw, 120kw, 240kw and other power bus charging piles. The actual charging time is determined according to the matching results of the battery parameters of the bus and the bus charging piles, and as the charging status changes, there are one charging pile and one multi-charging charging pile. Reminder: During the charging process of the bus, if there is an emergency such as an open flame, abnormal smell or smoke, immediately press the red button on the charging pile of the bus.“emergency stop”button. In addition, in severe weather such as thunderstorms and heavy rains, it is forbidden to use charging equipment. The function of the bus charging pile is similar to the refueling machine in the gas station. By charging the bus, the bus no longer needs to be refueled to run the bus, reducing carbon emissions. It is a new energy-saving product in the new era. Features and advantages of bus charging pile products: 1. Compact structure: it adopts an integrated design (small size and beautiful appearance), which is easy to install. 2. High protection: IP54 protection level. 3. Emergency protection: In an emergency, press the emergency stop button to disconnect the main circuit switch. 4. High adaptability: the working environment temperature of the equipment is -30 ℃~+50℃. 5. Electrical safety protection: The charger has protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, overload, short circuit, and lightning protection. 6. Multiple charging modes: automatic full, charging according to power, charging according to amount, charging according to time. 7. Multiple payment methods: support payment methods such as credit card, WeChat and APP. 8. Chassis safety protection: It has a 360-degree anti-collision design. When the device is hit or tilted by 15 degrees, it will automatically power off. 9. Device self-inspection function: detection of surge arrester over-current fuse, device over-voltage alarm and insulation monitoring and other functions. 10. Circuit safety protection: All electrical parts in the charging pile are insulated and isolated from the box, and the circuit is safely insulated and protected. 11. Set the access control switch: when the cabinet door is opened, the system will send out an alarm or cut off the main circuit to ensure personal safety. 12. Intelligent distribution of power: Four guns can be charged at the same time, and a single gun can be charged at full power, realizing multi-gun low-power slow charging at night and single gun high-power fast charging during the day. 13. Modular design: The equipment adopts a modular design, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.


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