Benefits and precautions of electric vehicle charging piles in residential areas-evcome


There are many electric vehicle charging piles on the market now. Different types have different advantages and also have their own defects. Of course, they also have their own scope of application. In addition to meeting the charging needs of users, There are also the following advantages. 1. Intelligent charging piles have the flexibility of selection, and can choose different styles of charging piles according to the charging site to meet different needs. 2. This kind of intelligent charging pile is relatively small in size and occupies a small area. Even some huts can be installed and used. In the community, new energy charging pile manufacturers can be scattered in the huts behind the building, bringing great benefits to the residents of the community. Big charge is convenient. 3. The cost is relatively simple, and it supports payment by scanning the code. It can simply charge the electric vehicle of the charging pile manufacturer, making electric vehicle charging more convenient. 4. The intelligent electric vehicle charging pile has the function of automatic power failure when fully charged, and also has a timed power failure and leakage protection device for the vehicle charging pile manufacturer. Excessive charging will not occur, and at the same time, the car charging pile avoids the safety hazard of users pulling wires and charging electric vehicles. 5. Smart electric vehicle charging piles are compatible with most electric vehicles on the market, and a step-by-step charging standard is set according to the power of charging pure electric vehicle charging piles. Learn about the precautions for new energy vehicle charging piles. 1. Before charging, you need to confirm whether the car is in good condition and whether the charging equipment is normal. After the charging pile solution starts charging, you must confirm that the voltage and current are within the normal range before leaving the scene. If conditions permit, you should check the charging status regularly. Is it normal. 2. Try to use the charging cable directly connected to the wall socket as far as possible for the OEM of the charging pile, check that the charging socket is in good condition, and avoid customizing the charging pile when the connecting wire is damaged or the socket is corroded and rusted. 3. Avoid using the mop board as much as possible. If you must use the mop board: a. Do not place the mop board and charging interface directly on the ground to avoid heavy rain and water. under the sun. 4. Also avoid exposing the charging cable to the sun and charging it at high power. Exposure to the sun and continuous heating will cause the charging cable to overheat and ignite the socket. 5. Try not to charge outdoors under thunderstorm weather conditions. If you charge outdoors, you need to consider whether the socket has a rainproof cover, whether there is a canopy to prevent leakage, and the charging pile is OEM.


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