Attention should be paid to the selection and charging of new energy vehicle charging pile cables-evcome


If the online car-hailing charging pile is an AC charging pile, it will be called“slow charging”, while the AC charging pile only provides power output but no charging function, it needs to be connected to the car charger to charge the electric vehicle of the charging pile manufacturer, which is a requirement for large-capacity charging pile cables. Online car-hailing charging pile cable has high performance, mainly used for charging pile system, floor-mounted charging pile and wall-mounted charging pile manufacturer ranking pile, the voltage is 1KV (DC), the test voltage is 6000V/min (DC), fixed installation : 4 times the outer diameter of the cable, mobile installation: 7.5 times the outer diameter of the cable or the small temperature range of the newer energy charging pile manufacturer. Fixed installation: -50°C, 90°C, mobile installation: -40°C, 90°C, oil resistance: very good, chemical resistance, acid, alkali, solvent and various charging pile manufacturers Hydraulic oil performance is excellent, weather resistance: Ultraviolet resistance, excellent sunlight aging performance, suitable for outdoor use, flame retardant characteristics: in line with IEC standards, with special structure, specifications can be customized by car charging pile manufacturers. The characteristics of the charging pile cable for online car-hailing: 1. The cable has high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, stable signal transmission, torsion resistance of more than 10,000 times the car charging pile, and wear resistance of 50 during the charging process. 000 times more advantages, used for signal control and charging, transmission network system, such as voltage and current, wear resistance more than 50,000 times, with pure electric vehicle charging pile has oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and other characteristics . 2. The concentricity of the product is good, which can reach more than 80%, which makes the cable stable and reliable for high voltage resistance. Online car-hailing charging pile and gas charging pile solution The main function of the car charging pile is to effectively stop the power supply of electric vehicles. In addition, the AC charging pile (bolt) should also have the function of output leakage, although the charging station due to its own function The charging pile OEM can not be monitored by personnel, but it is still necessary to arrange daily safety inspections to confirm whether there is any equipment failure at the charging station. The battery is being charged and discharged, which may seriously damage the battery, and it should be prevented. Online car-hailing charging piles can be divided into DC charging piles, AC charging piles and AC-DC integrated charging piles. Ground charging piles are divided into four subsystem modules according to their functions: power distribution system charging pile ODM, charging system, battery dispatching system and For charging stations, the equipment should be checked regularly, daily maintenance should be done well, and stable and long-lasting services should be provided to community users. Friends who own electric vehicles should know that after charging for a period of time in summer, the wires will become very soft, and the safety of charging in summer is worthy of everyone's attention. In recent years, with the promotion of community charging stations, many communities have been unified, charging pile OEM .


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