Analysis and Comparison of Charging Pile Cable Standards in Three Major Global Markets

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

As a new type of wire and cable, electric vehicle charging cables have different requirements for the use of electric vehicle charging cables than traditional wires and cables. At present, the national electric vehicle charging cable standard was officially promulgated on May 12, 2017 and implemented on December 1. Table 1 shows the main standard standards for charging pile cables in various regions of the world. In 2017, the sales of new energy electric vehicles in China accounted for 50% of the global sales. The main markets of new energy vehicles in the world are: 1 China, 2 Europe, 3 North America, 4 Japan and South Korea, and 5 others. The combined sales of China, Europe, and North America accounted for 86% of global electric vehicle sales. In recent years, these regions have published or updated standard documents related to electric vehicle charging cables. Among them, the standard analysis and comparison of China, Europe and North America. According to the standard requirements and experimental content of the three major global markets, the advantages and disadvantages of the three standards are summarized as follows: 1. The advantages of GB/T33594 in the Chinese market: ①The insulating sheath material and finished products have complete performance and high reliability. ②There are many choices of materials. ③ It is in line with the national conditions of the Chinese market. Disadvantages: ① The high temperature resistance of the material and the whole cable can be considered to be improved. 2. European market EN50620: Advantages: ①Insulation and sheath material performance indicators are complete. ②All products are halogen-free, in line with the concept of new energy and green environmental protection. Disadvantages: ① The combination of insulation and sheath materials is single, and there are fewer options. ②There is no DC charging cable optional in the product. ③ There is a lack of tests such as scratch resistance, extrusion resistance, damp heat, high and low temperature cycles, etc. 3. North American market UL62: Advantages: ①Wide range of materials, PVC, TPE, CPE, etc. can be used. ② Focus on environmental resistance, electrical performance, combustion, etc., such as 90-degree long-term insulation resistance, relative capacitance and stability factor, VW-1 test, etc. Disadvantages: ① The specification selection in the standard is confusing. ② Lack of tests to evaluate the actual use of cables, such as swing test, liquid resistance test, high and low temperature cycle, damp heat test, tear resistance test, etc. From the above analysis, it can be known that the current electric vehicle charging pile cable market is indeed still in its infancy, and the standards of the three major markets in the world have defects and imperfections. In the actual market situation, the quality of electric vehicle charging cables is even more severe due to various reasons such as cost reduction by manufacturers, incomplete certification tests, and incomplete consideration of environmental factors. The electric vehicle charging cable is the carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, and its basic function is to transmit electric energy. However, with the development of charging technology, in order to better complete charging, electric vehicles and charging piles need to communicate and, if necessary, perform automatic control. Therefore, the charging process has higher and higher requirements on the charging cable. The charging cable not only needs power transmission, but also needs to transmit the status and information of the vehicle and power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction. When necessary, control the charging action to complete the charging process safely and reliably. .


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