120kw double gun charging pile size


Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

The size of the 120kw dual-gun charging pile is 700*502*1672mm, and the input voltage is AC380V±20%, the output voltage is 200-750VDC, the input frequency is 45~65Hz, the output current range of ordinary single gun is 0-160A, and the output current range of constant power single gun is 0-250A. The 120kw double gun charging pile is suitable for large vehicles with a power of 90-180 kilowatt-hours (mainly referring to dump trucks, buses, and logistics vehicles). When a single gun is working, it can output 120kw, and when two guns are working, each is 60kw, and the conversion efficiency is 96%. and above. Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of high and low voltage power complete sets of equipment and new energy electric vehicle intelligent charging equipment. It provides integrated station construction for 120kW dual-gun charging piles Solution, the product is placed outdoors and is designed to provide charging services for electric buses, large electric buses and small and medium electric vehicles. 120kw double-gun charging pile product features: 1. The 120kw double-gun charging pile adopts an integral outdoor cabinet, integrates the rectification part and the terminal part, and is fixedly installed on the ground, with a compact structure and convenient deployment. 2. Perfect safety protection function, with over-voltage and under-voltage protection on the input side, over-voltage and over-current protection on the output side, insulation monitoring protection, over-temperature, short circuit, leakage, lightning protection, battery anti-reverse connection and other protections. 3. The 120kw double-gun charging pile adopts a 7-inch high-definition color LCD touch screen, which is easy to operate, friendly in interface, and complete and rich in display information. 4. The 120kw double-gun charging pile has three status indications of power supply, charging, and fault, and is fully compatible with the new version of the national standard. It has functions such as emergency shutdown, connection confirmation detection, charging door opening detection, charging gun locking, and charging gun temperature detection. All-round guarantee Charging is safe. 5. The charging operation mode of the 120kw dual-gun charging pile is various, according to the automatic full, time mode, amount mode, power mode, and combined with the needs of the BMS to charge the electric vehicle. 6. The 120kw double-gun charging pile adopts a modular design, which is convenient for configuring different voltage levels and power levels, and is flexible in operation. The output port supports multiple working methods such as independent, wheel charging, and power distribution. 7. The 120kw double-gun charging pile has the function of password management of operation authority, and supports non-contact IC card and mobile APP for identity authentication, charging control, payment and settlement and other functions.


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